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Access the service with SPID authentication. You will be able to select the provider you choose during registration to access the services. Remember that with SPID you will be able to access all the services of the national PA.

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Do you have the Carta Nazionale Servizi(CNS)? Click on the link above.

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If you have the new electronic identity card, hereinafter CIE, you can use it to access the online services of the Public Administration. To access you need the relevant PIN and PUK codes: the first part of the two codes is in the CIE request receipt, the second part is delivered together with the CIE. Visit the website where you can find the software, documentation, videos and tutorials.

The eIDAS regulation provides a regulatory basis for electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public administrations, increasing the security and effectiveness of online services and e-business transactions in the European Union. The Italian node through the "Login with eIDAS" button allows cross-border interoperability of digital identities (eIDs) and its implementation allows the circularity of Italian eIDs among the member states of the European Union.